Whole House 10 to 15kWH daily usage Kit – 13kW Inverter With -7kw Solar Panels & 24kWh -40F Hardy EMP Proof Batteries


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2x LV6548 specs (click link)

Battery Specs, (click link)

Combiner Box 4-2  (click link)

Solar Assistant Wifi / Internet Monitoring (click link)

This listing is for 2 x LV6548 and 7kW of solar panels 350W to 400W ( 22  to 18 modules ) solar panel modules 2 x- 4-2 Combiner Boxes

Panel configuration as follows:

On first LV6548

PV input #1  4 Panels In series

PV Input #2  4 Panels In series

On Second LV6548

PV input #1  4 Panels In series

PV Input #2  4 Panels In series with an optional 2 parallel strings  ( 8 panels)


Includes :

7 to 8KW of Solar Panels Mono Crystalline

2 x 4-2 PV Combiner boxes

(24kWH) 8 pcs 250Ah 12V Battery pack (recommended 30 kWh plus for sustained loads )

2 pcs 48/4 Battery equalizers

20 pcs MC4 plugs

300 ft ( 2 x 150 Ft 12 AWG Solar Cable , Red and Black)

20 ft 2AWG Battery Cables are included (10 ft Red and 10 Ft Black )

30 Pcs 2 AWG Lugs

2 x 150A Breakers

10 to 15kWh per day usage based on 40% DOD for a rated lifespan of 10+ years (4000 Cycles )

can power your house WITHOUT SUN  (Snowy or overcast days)

2 days based on 12kwh per day usage (500W for every hour of the day)

4 days based on 6 kwh Per day usage (250W – Fridge /Freezer)


Solar Panel Specs:

Due to the fluidity of Solar Panel stocks, we will provide between 7kw to 8kW worth of solar panels currently on offer.

Battery Specs:

Can be discharged 100% without damage (provided they are charged back up within a few hours- just like Lithium, don’t leave discharged for prolonged periods)

Similar cycle life and DOD when compared to Lithium batteries (compare at DOD and cycle life graphs)

Lithium Batteries are unable to charge when temps are below 0C or 32F, or discharge below -22C, when used for cabins or exposed to the Elements nothing else works!

No Heating or Cooling required, No venting required, completely safe Non Hazmat Batteries

Developed for the Militarily in the 80S, this battery is immune to BMS failures, Unbalanced cells, temperature cutout etc.

You can remove one battery and start your Semi Truck in frigid conditions, and put it right back in your solar setup, no problem

Resistant to Explosion, Fire, Hot and Cold temps (-40F to 150F)  can be paralleled with Lithium batteries of similar voltage range (45 to 59V DC)

A 24kWH pack (25kwh Usable) consist of 8 pcs Silicate Gel 250AH 12V batteries

Negatives:  Batteries are HEAVY, 172 lbs each ( 2 man lift)

Can be arranged into a rack mount cabinet.

Warranty and Certifications

  • 80% Power Output Warranty Period 25yrs
  • 90% Power Output Warranty Period 12yrs
  • Workmanship Warranty Period 10yrs
  • UL 1703 Fire Classification Type 1
  • Compliances UL 1703, IEC 61215, IEC 61730
  • CSI Listed Yes

Programming the LV6548

If you wish to run in split phase.

Set battery type to AGM (default) out the box

or if you wish, set battery type to USE (setting 05) , and adjust Bulk up to 58V , Float to 55V  and Low DC Cutoff to 48V,  (during emergencies Low DC cutoff can be set to 44V)





Additional information

Weight 3500 lbs
Dimensions 83 × 45 × 55 in