2 x LV6548 13KW split phase bundle 120v 240v Solar inverter 8kW -2 x 4kW 250V MPPT UL1741 – built in Wifi- Clearance see conditions***


UL 1743 Compliant, with a brilliant set of features.


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*** This limited special is for NO support from watts247

All warranty and support will be handled by support@mppsolar.com in Taiwan, you will need to email them directly with PICTURES OF:

a) Inverter serial number

b) Inverter Fault code

c) Any pictures of burnt boards etc,

d) they will send you spares from TW


The LV6548 is the latest members to our 120V/240V SPLIT PHASE inverter family and we are pleased to confirm it has UL1741 compliance (TUV certified) for US markets. Similar to the LV2424, a single LV6548 is a 120V output inverter, however split phase output (120V/240V) can be configured by using minimum 2 or more units in parallel.

This unit is unique with the following attributes:


  1. 6.5kw / 48V pure sine wave output 120V AC
  2. 120A Mppt at max 250Voc – 2 x (60A – 4kW MPPT Charge Controllers)
  3. 120A Utility Charger (120A at 48V = 5.7kW or 48A at 120V)
  4. Built in Genset dry contact start/stop relay
  5. Lithium / LiFePO4 , AGm, Flooded, Silica Salt battery compatible, and more  (custom parameters can be set according to any battery between 40 and 62V
  6. Can be timed to only charge the battery via Utility power during certain hours  (load shifting to charge on off peak rates, and using the battery during peak tariffs) Very popular for our California Customers
  7. Each MPPT input is completely independent from the other, max 250V input per Input (4kw max array size per input),
  8. High PV Input 250V (Voc)  Open circuit)
  9. Batteryless operation (singe unit mode only) (When using two or more, battery IS REQUIRED, due to the erratic nature of solar energy)
  10. parallelable up to 6 units
  11. built in Wifi Transmitter
  12. Built in parallel kits
  13. Dual PV inputs
  14. BMS Support (Pylontech, Weco, Soltaro) – Separate BMS cable required
  15. Timer for output and Timer for charging
  16. Built In LED RGB panel display to show operational mode
  17. Supports Equalization Charge up to 62V



Additional information

Weight 112 lbs
Dimensions 28 × 22 × 30 in