Cylindrical Nano 24V 100AH LiFePO4 battery Built in BLUETOOTH BMS


Perfect solution for your 24V system
These  2.4kWh, (2kwh usable) batteries are designed to work best when only connected as a single or in in parallel to a 24V inverter.
Series / parallel strings to make 48V are not recommended due to the nature of the BMS.
Use a 1 to 50 Ohm  pre charge resistor before connecting it your Inverter to avoid sparking, and BMS reset / disconnect

Charging Settings:
Set Battery Type to USR or US2 (US2 preferred if available)
Set Bulk Charge Setting – 27.4V
Float Charge Setting 27.4V  (same)
Set Low DC Cutoff to 22.5V. (The Inverter Low DC Cutoff should be set to 1 V higher (23.5V))
Setting the LOW DC cutoff too low risks your BMS disconnecting to the inverter – not allowing charging to take place – inverter wont turn on, you may need to connect a single solar panel over the battery to

NOTE, If you set the Bulk or Float Voltage any higher, the BMS will momentarily disconnect the inverter from the Battery  (reset it),  so if this happens, lower the bulk and float charge voltage slightly, repeat, until its stable.

Charging at a high current can also prematurely increase battery voltage, leading to an incomplete charge, its best to have more batteries to evenly distribute the charge and discharge currents to each battery

Note,  do not charge below 32F (0 C)  as all LiFePO4 batteries have this limitation due to battery chemistry. (Battery BMS will disconnect below freezing)

You can store it at very cold temps, as well as use the stored power when frozen, but DO NOT Charge below freezing.

For cabins,  just disconnect for the winter, store partially charged

In cold climates / outdoor use, place batteries inside coolers, and run a small heating pad (7 to 11W with a thermostat,  to keep off the winter chill), above 45C or 120F temps can seriously degrade battery life.


Bluetooth Phone App Instructions:

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USA Support and warranty.

Nano Tech LiFePO4,

Rated for 4000 cycles

2.4kWh Capacity

24V 100AH Battery built in BLUETOOTH BMS  (phone monitoring via App)

Additional information

Weight 54 lbs
Dimensions 23 × 11 × 12 in


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