Growatt 24V 3kw Airfreight Upgrade ship now


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We air freighted some of ourGrowatt 24V 3000 TL SPF shipment in to catch up on back orders to help customers who may need the unit sooner. (one per inverter required)

(we are offering this for 1 week for all customers who have backorders with us), thereafter we will open this offer up to new customers at $150

We have paid well in excess of $150 each, but we are asking for $70 to help us help you.

Im sorry to do this to all , but our shipment has been stuck at port now for over 45 days waiting for a space just to get onboard .

Shipping times that used to take 2 weeks, now take around 2 months and are getting longer, so we are expecting this only in Aug, and its only getting worse, as you can see from empty shelves and inventories all over the nation.


P.S>  we have just enough to fulfill current backorders.  If you do not wish to take this offer, you may just need to wait until we get our ocean freight in.


Thank you for your business during these very challenging times.




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