Kit 2.4-3kW 24V – 7.6kWh, 1600W Solar – 120Vac Output with 7.6kWh LiFePO4 Batteries, Cables,Connectors, Combiners and 1600W of Solar Panels




This is a complete kit which includes:

This system should be able to run most small and medium sized applications 120V only (2 x Inverters required for split phase 120V / 240V)

estimated run time:  1kw load for 7 hours, 2kw for 3.5  hours, 3kw load for 2.2 hours etc  (7.6kwh / kw = hours)

This system can be upgraded at any time up to 6 pcs 3000TL-LVM-24  (providing up to 18kw of AC output , split or 3 phase)


  • 1 x Growatt 3000TL-24P  (150V Solar input up to 2kw) per unit  (Can be configured for 120V 6kW 50A or 120V/240V 3kw 25A per phase)

OR – Leave a note on checkout which inverter

  • 1 x MPP Solar LV2424  MSD (150V Solar input up to 2kw) per unit  (Can be configured for 120V 6kW 50A or 120V/240V 2.4kw 20A per phase using 2 inverters and 2 parallel kits)


  • 1 x 4-1 Combiner box (with one extra PV output for future expansion)
  • 3 x 24V 100Ah Waterproof 5 yr warranty built in BMS LiFePO4  Total 7.6 kWH
  • 3 Ft Red & Black 2 Awg
  • 120A DC Breaker
  • 10 x 2 AWG Lugs
  • 5 x MC4 Connectors
  • 1 x MC4 Crimping Tool & wire stripper
  • 60 ft Red and 60 ft Black 12 Awg Solar Cable (from solar panels to combiner box)
  • 1600W of Solar Panels, usually 8 x 200W  (due to solar panel fluidity, we may substitute for a higher or lower wattage panel, but will still be in the region of 1600W)
  • Does not include solar panel mounting hardware,

Panels to be connected as follows, 2 in series with 4 parallel strings  (2s4p)



Additional information

Weight 770 lbs
Dimensions 82 × 43 × 40 in