Pallet (3.4kW) – 18pcs + 2 free Power Light Solar Used Panels ($50 ea)


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60 Cell

50 lbs each

Dimensions 39 x 64.5 in

Voc 36.3V (open circuit)

Vmp (voltage at maximum power) 28.71

Imp (amps at max power) 7.25A

These panels are built like an old truck, solid frame 2 inches deep, these panels are about 14 years old, originally rated at 208W, we tested them at around 170W. Solar panels in theory have an infinite lifespan, their output reduces by a fraction of a percent per yer  (the first 3 years being the largest drop).

There are a few air sacks on the vinyl on the rear of the panel, but are still 100 % weatherproof, with no intrusion.

Im using some for a barn roof for my horses and sheep,  just silicone between the joints (see pics), and screw through the roof supports right into the panel aluminum frame, these panels are cheaper than any roof sheeting – semi translucent , and offer an amazing opportunity to use as greenhouse partial shade cover, livestock sun shelters, pergola roofing , RV, home , cabin etc etc, and wire them up to make power for all your solar requirements.

Im also going to install them over my old shingle roof of my 1970 cabin, and will never need roofing repairs again. Making all the power I could possibly use for next to nothing $$, cheaper than roof sheeting



Shipping:  Select Liftgate required for residential deliveries  (Shipping to terminal is cheapest, but you need to collect,  will fit in the back of a truck bed)

Additional information

Weight 1400 lbs
Dimensions 70 × 48 × 45 in


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