PIP 2724LV-MR 24V 2.7kW 120V Inverter, 750W Solar Input, Easy DIY, No 120V Wiring!

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The more I look at this unit, the more I like it. Latest Arrival from MPP Solar,

It comes complete with Battery cables, simply plug it into the Inverter, and connect the battery side to the pre made crimp lugs 5/16th hole diameter

Ideal for RVs and Portable camping units where roof/solar space is limited (750W solar input capacity Max 60V dc PV Input MPPT)

4 Female 15/25A outlets right on the side of the unit – no wiring required

3 x USB ports as shown

I think its the one im choosing for my RV.

Here are some more bullet points. (check out the spec sheet image above)

110-120Vac 50/60Hz output for North America

Clean Output voltage regardless of input from Generator/Grid (AVR Function)

Max 2.7kW Pure sine Wave Output

Max 25A / 24V MPPT solar controller (750W) + Grid/Generator Charger

MPPT Voltage range, 30 to 60VDC

Built in 3 x USB Ports 5V 3A

Built In 25A Female Power sockets for output

24V DC Battery System

Programmable Parameters

Adjustable bulk and Float charging voltages (Lead acid, AGM, LiFePO4 and Li-Ion compatibility)

Supports grid or generator input(inverter type only at least 150% higher rating than load)

Overload and short Circuit Protection

Lightweight and easy installation

Monitoring Software Included

RS232 & USB Communications

LCD Display & LED Indicators

4 x 15A/120V ac North America plug outlets on side of unit

Portable, plug and play, no need to be clued up at all about electricity. Just make sure RED goes to Battery Positive, and Black to Battery Negative (24V Battery required – otherwise no workie!)

Solar Panels plug right into the Inverter with MC4 connectors

Easy Peasy




Additional information

Weight 31 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 19 × 8 in

7 reviews for PIP 2724LV-MR 24V 2.7kW 120V Inverter, 750W Solar Input, Easy DIY, No 120V Wiring!

  1. michael (verified owner)

    So far, so good! I have it hooked up to a 360 Watt/hr, 24 volt Lithium battery system and 480 watts of solar on my RV roof. I knocked off one star because trying to wire it into an RV is confusing. The AC output comes from 2x 10A household 110 outlets, instead of one 25A terminal. I discovered that I could plug two extension cords into the outlets and wire them together for one 20 amp, 110 AC output. This then goes into a transfer switch with the shore power before going to the main electric panel input. It runs everything in my RV including the microwave and A/C.

  2. Rhett Jensen

    We placed this unit in a job trailer with a couple lead acid R.V. batteries and feed it with two 300 watt panels wired in parallel. So far, I couldn’t be happier with this unit. We started out just using it to charge batteries for our cordless tools. Then we tried a hammer drill and a grinder. The real test was a hydraulic rebar cutter that our 3500 watt generators won’t run. The Mpp runs all of it perfectly. The installation was so easy and it’s so much better than listening to a generator. I will be buying more of these.

  3. Dave (verified owner)

    Still awaiting delivery. Has anyone got feedback on how loud the unit is when turned on? I have a very small RV and I’m wondering if I need to make some sort of sound-deadening cabinet. That would mean the power outlets on this unit would be a lot harder to access

    • ian.roux

      Sending out from today (22 Oct 2021), the fans are pretty quiet on no load , they spin up a bit on charging and load

  4. Dean Rowles

    Will Prowse recommends this unit on you tube, what Will recommends is good for me 👍

  5. Jason C

    I’ve been running this for about 4 months straight now hooked up to a bigbattery.com 24V Hawk battery to power three freezers in my garage and I have zero complaints. Wish I could throw more panels at it but it totally does the job and has not done anything it is not supposed to do. Not having to mess with wiring was a big selling point for me as I’d probably burn my house down. Plug and play.

  6. J C

    “FAULT 4” on my display after a week. Fault 4 is NOT listed on the manual, literally skipped over it. Unit is no longer charging batteries and won’t start unless connected to shore power.

    • ian.roux (verified owner)

      Fault 04 is a warning that your battery voltage is reaching the LOW DC cutoff setting, time to charge it

  7. Matt A. (verified owner)

    WOW SUPPER FAST SHIPPING!! Received it 3 days early (I was not prepared). I now have it up and running works awesome. Thanks watts247 will buy from you again!! Also thanks to Will Prowse diy solar

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