PIP 3024GK European Model Voltage Only 230V NO 120V!

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PIP3024GK – 500V Solar Input, 24V Battery, 230V Output ONLY!  Wont magically make 120V by hooking it up to a breaker panel.

User Manual:


This Model can accept up to 500V DC Solar input, Only 230V Output and Input, European Model In the USA, L1 will need to be connected to the N (Neutral) Input, and L2 will need to be conencted to L (Live) input, in order to input 240V into the inverter. The output Terminals (N & L) will essentially output 230VAC

This Inverter cannot be connected to a 240V breaker box, this is a 2 wire 240V inverter (no Neutral ),  Do not connect to 240V main breaker box, only for use with 240V appliances  (no 120V)
Please check out our other “LV” models for split phase output.
This Inverter is NOT split phase
If you don’t understand what split phase is, please do some research on YouTube first. as an  example, here is a good start:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JtQQGJ8Z82Y

Check out the other images on the main listing for all the specifications.
Maximum output  – 3000W Pure Sine Wave
Output Voltage – 220 – 240V Single Phase
Output Frequency 50/60 Hz
Battery Voltage 24V DC  (optional)  Batteryless support  (can power the load without a battery)
80A MPPT – 500V Solar Charger allows more solar panels in series with thinner wire and longer runs.
Built in 60A Utility Charger
Genset Starter Dry Contact
USB and RS232 Communication
I use one of these to run my 230V Well pump without battery, or as a High Voltage Solar Charge Controller to charge my 24V battery, and then I use a PIP LV2424 Inverter  tied to the same battery for 120V output.
Take note of the special wiring instructions at the beginning of this description.
Welcome to ask questions  (web search my eb name)

Additional information

Weight 23 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 16 × 8 in

1 review for PIP 3024GK European Model Voltage Only 230V NO 120V!

  1. Horizon Energy Systems

    I have installed several of these 30/24 systems and they are performing flawlessly.
    The support from Watts24/7 is top notch.
    One can always rest assured whatever issue comes up on installation the technical support offered always has the solutions.

    The data output and reporting software is easy to use and understand and allows the end user to monitor solar production and system performance.

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