Overstock – PIP1012LV-MK – 12V 1kW 120V Inverter , 1kW Solar Charger 80A , Parallelable and split phase up to 9 units, Zero Transfer Time


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Please take note of the special conditions of this sale.

14 day Warranty from watts247, 1 yr warranty from MPP Solar.  Not returnable / refundable after 14 days to watts247,  deal directly with support@mppsolar.com

Brand new model.  Stackable to 9 units , thats 27kW in Split Phase, Single Phase, Two Phase or Three Phase output (Three phase requires at least 3 units)

Featuring Zero Transfer time.  In other words, when it switches from utility to Inverter in either direction, there is zero time delay.  Basically, Even when charging via utility it is always powering your load via the inverter, filtering any Grid Noise or spikes to your load No interruption

Parallel kits NOT Included, purchased separately

What our 12V DC die hard customers have been asking for !

Here is a video of myself  (in a rush as usual) installing one into a Motorhome.

Many times you want to stick with a 12V battery system in your RV / Motorhome / Cabin / Van / Truck etc, but you need a little more than 1000W in the future, or just split phase 120V/240V for that air conditioner etc.
MPP Solar now has a 1,2..3,4..9kW Single / split phase  12V Battery system.  (available in single units too, but you can add up to 9 units – wow 9KW from a 12V battery system is 9000/12 = 750A, or 80A per inverter)
You need 2 or more to make split phase 240V or just stick with single phase 1 to 9 kW
Parellel kits required for each inverter connected together, sold separately on this site
This unit differs from the PIP-1012LV-MS  (not parallel-able)
Each inverter has a 1KW Solar Input Capacity
Solar Specs:
80A MPPT, Solar voltage 15 to 115V DC (working volts) – so 80 x 12 = 1KW of solar panels per inverter.
Generator / Grid Input Specs:
Built in 60A @ 12V charger  (1720W charger), can work off your standard generator or grid power
Solar calculation:
example, if you have 2 x 345W panels Voc (open circuit) is 47V, Vmp = 39V, then you could either connect more in parallel to get to your  Wattage up, or you could put two in series (to get to 94Voc  – 78Vmp)
Each 1012LV-MK  1kW of Solar , using the 345W example,  (3 x 345W panels per input) or 3 x 345W panels all in parallel  (connecting all three in series would exceed the 115V limit)
Has a  2 wire generator starter relay,
NOTE:  if they are configured in Split phase mode, they will need split phase  120V – 0 – 120V (240V) input to activate Util/Generator charging,  If configured as single phase 120V, then a single 120V source will work to charge from AC)

Additional information

Weight 30 lbs
Dimensions 23 × 16 × 9 in