Growatt 24V SPF 3000TL LVM – 3kW 120Vac Stackable Inverter 2kW MPPT Charge Controller Split Phase 120V/240V capable with two or more units – Ships now

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Shipping costs and delays are going through the roof, 12 months ago, a container cost 4k,  today prices are nearly $30k and rising by 3k per month.  if you order now, you will secure your price



NOTE: 1 Wifi module required per inverter when requiring remote monitoring  (not required for inverter operation)

This fills a particular market niche that we just weren’t getting a product for.

Did you know that Growatt is the only Chinese inverter manufacturer that received the “All Quality Matters” Award by TuV Rheinland Germany.

Youtube incentive:

Create a video of how you installed your system

The Solar Panels you chose, and why  (Watts, Volts, Amps, Wire size chosen, length of run,  using online volt drop calculator etc)

The Battery you chose, and why.

Inverters menu and operation  (What mode you are using it as, and why)

Load testing your system

If you have two or more units, split phase operation

Charging via generator (optional)

How and where the unit is installed and hooked up.

You are welcome to call and ask me any questions you may have along the way, I am happy to guide you through the process, and not leave you blind.

I can make my own videos, but every day, something else seems to interrupt my day, so I am in effect buying your time.

If your video at least touches on some or all of these points, I will refund you $100 on this purchase

US Shipping & Stock. SPF 3000TL LVM – 24P solar 3KW 24V Split phase capable pure sine wave output  (also available in 48V, 3KW), stack-able. Supports Li Ion and Lead Acid, and other chemistries between 20V and 28V.  Tesla batteries not recommended, as they are actually 20V batteries sold as 24V.  LiFEPO4 are great, so are the Nissan Leaf Li-IONS

NOTE:  These units do support the Growatt Batteries with Growatt BMS  (these will be available later on in the year),  for now, choose battery type “USR” or USER, and enter in your battery suppliers (Bulk, Float, Low Voltage Cutoff, and Charging Amps) – Your BMS will NOT communicate with the inverter

(If you want to mess with the BMS protocol to interface to your Arduino or whatever, the protocols can be found at

Another note,  there seems to be a lot of confusion about BULK and Float Charge Setting.

Bulk Charging, is usually the 90 or 95% or less than MAXIMUM Battery voltage, this is where the fast charging mode occurs. (usually around 58V) (contact your supplier)

Float Charging (holding charge), is the resting or nominal voltage of the LiIon or LiFePO4, when it is fully charged, but now in a resting state with no load, usually around 51 to 52V for LiFEPO4  (contact your supplier)

Low Voltage Cutoff,  this is the voltage the inverter needs to turn off before depleting the battery – you want your inverter to shut off BEFORE your battery to dies, or the BMS to disconnects (usually around 47V or whatever the 20% charge voltage is)

This unit is not a knockoff like (POW EASUN etc.)  This is a very well built / designed product, otherwise we wouldn’t sell or support it.

Supplied by a top tier support outlet here in the USA, (Utah).

Parallel Kits already built in,

super quiet operation.

Very detailed LCD display

2 yr swap out warranty.

5-in-1  unit.  (Not Grid Tied – no feedback, only Grid assist – the load gets switch over to grid when all else fails)

1) 3000 W Pure Sine wave output expandable up to 6 units (18 kW)

2) 2kW MPPT Solar Charge controller

3) 60 A  24V Utility Battery Charger  (In case your battery level falls below your setpoint)

4) UPS function, wire it to the Utility power, if battery power is too low, the system automatically switches the load to Utility power

5) Single 120V 60Hz , Split phase (120V – 0 – 120V ) and 3 phase capable (includes parallel board for each unit)

6) Pure Sine wave output expandable up to 18 kW (single or Split Phase configurable –  will need to all be connected to the SAME battery, make sure its large enough to handle the load for the time – usually 2 days or more)

Growatt is well known brand amongst solar professionals

Get your manuals at

Utility/Generator Charger tips:

The generator charger is a different beast to the solar charger. (Does not utilize the Bulk and Float Charge settings)
It works on a float valve type principle. (triggers when battery voltage drops below that on setting 12 – set the voltage higher than current battery voltage to start charging right away)
Stops charging from Generator when setting 13′ s voltage is reached
Will not start charging the battery again until it drops below battery voltage – in setting 12.

Setting 01 set to SBU to activate setting 12 and 13.
Setting 02, is the Max charging current from Solar + Utility/Generator
Setting 11, is the Maximum Generator/Utility charging current @ your battery voltage (not at 120V)
Setting 14, make sure this setting includes the option to charge from utility/generator (see manual)

Note, setting Setting 11 too high for your generator may cause your generator to falter at startup, and cause the Inverter Charger to lose synchronization with the Generator (58 to 63Hz), if in doubt start small, and work your way up.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out.

Additional information

Weight 30 lbs
Dimensions 23 × 17 × 9 in

8 reviews for Growatt 24V SPF 3000TL LVM – 3kW 120Vac Stackable Inverter 2kW MPPT Charge Controller Split Phase 120V/240V capable with two or more units – Ships now

  1. Chuck

    Love all the devices in one unit. Also how easy it is to learn and program this hybrid. Actually pretty quite device too. Love to get another down the road and make a split phase set up.

  2. Mervyn

    Great all in on unit. Received the unit today – will update after I’ve added my batteries.

  3. Scott Lloyd

    So far so good. Ian actually answered the phone and gave
    me tech support instantly.

  4. kingsley.givans (verified owner)

    this unit was put to the test this week after hurricane Zeta hit the south east united states. lost power for a day. I must say, it did the job very well. the only thing that bugs me it the beep every time you press a button. I went in a disable it but it still didn’t go away. Other than that I love this hybrid unit. I have and will recommend it to all.

    • Ian

      Great news. Just figured out how to turn off the damn beep!
      Turn on inverter, enter the menu (hold down enter button), turn the Inverter Switch OFF (off switch) (but the menu and screen still stays active), go to setting 15 and 17 and disable the Damn BEEP.
      Exit the menu,
      now, power the inverter on, the DAMN BEEP should be disabled.

      Important note, the inverter must be in the OFF position to effect this change. let me know if it works for you.


  5. Power2Choose

    Watts 247 + Ian ROCK!
    As an IEC Expert, I’m so happy MPP established Solid Distribution with support here in the US.
    At long last, after decades of tweaking finicky component based “Goes-intas and Goes-ontas’ to provide behind the meter Energy Security. This Growatt line’s convenience is all we could have hoped for – some (UL)and more to come.
    In SPF3000TL We’ve found the 24 v Lithium sweet spot, ideal for RV boondocking!
    Planning a Video of a Dual 10 KWH Lithium system very soon.

  6. Jon Allen

    I bought this as an alternative to buying an AC charger, solar charge controller and an inverter. This goes above and beyond simply packing all 3 into one package. This manages your system, gives your the option to prioritize how your power is managed and log data as well. Highly configurable and easy to install and use. I highly recommend this to anyone looking to simplify their solar system. It also massively reduces the amount of space needed for a complete system. Also, the sales and tech support by Ian is outstanding.

  7. Don Edgar (verified owner)

    After much reading and research (including Will Prowse’s excellent advice and recommendations), I decided I needed a 24V system with at least a 3K watt inverter. I ordered installed this Growatt unit in November of 2020 after a couple of consults with Ian (prompt and direct answers). The system has been flawless! Absolutely No Issues after 6 months of 24/7 use. I highly recommend this product and Watts 24/7.

  8. Robert Briggs

    Growatt 24V LVM – Bought mine from Ian @ 247 Watts about a year ago. Hooked it up to solar panels, with LiFePo batteries. I had one issue, but it was a user error on one of the setting (my fault). It has worked flawlessly as a grid assist power back up for my refrigerator / freezers. Highly recommend.

    The only thing I recommend is more concise descriptions and directions for the menu settings.

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