AC Breaker Calculations

AC Input / Output Sizing 

  • Inverters are equipped with an AC Input overload protection breaker  (press button type) – Different rating for each model.
  • Obviously, if you are wanting to add your own breaker before this input, you would prefer your breaker to trip before the inverters’
  • Inverters are rated to supply at least 2 x their rated output for up to 5 sec, 
  • The internal transfer switch is rated to handle this same 2x rated capacity.

Some simple math:

  • Watts / Volts (AC output) = Amps  (A eternal unchanging law)


  • (1012LV-MS/MK)
  • 1000W  rated inverter / 120V output = 8.3A so 2 times this rating would be 16A, so a 16A breaker on the AC Input is perfect.
  • AC Output, if you wish to load up your inverter to 2x then install a 16A breaker at output, otherwise a 10A is perhaps a little wiser.


  • (2024LV-MK)
  • 2000W / 120V = 16A to 32A (same rules apply as above)


  • (LV2424MSD/Hybrid)
  • 2400W / 120V = 20A to 40A (ditto)


  • (3000TL/3048LV-MK)
  • 3000W / 120V = 25A to 50A (ditto)


  • (LV5048 in Single Phase Mode)
  • 5000W / 120V = 40A to 80A 


  • (LV5048 in Split Phase mode – 2500W per phase)
  • 2500W / 120V = 20A to 40A