Wiring your Solar Inverter into your electrical system (pros only)​

Step 1 of 2: Identify your essential and non-essential power circuits

Separate Essential loads from Non-Essential loads

Move Essentials to separate breaker box

Examples of Essentials:

LED Lighting (0 – 1kW)

Furnace Fan (400W to 1kW)

Mini Split 22+ Seer Air cond (500 to 1kw)

Garage Doors (200W)

Security System (100W)

Outlets, TVs , Refrigerators, Microwave, etc.

(Short term high and low loads) (0 to 2kW)

Well Pump (750W to 3kW)

Smoke Sensors  (<10W)

Examples of Non-Essentials:

Electric Hot Water (4kw)

Central Air Conditioning (4kw +)

Clothes Dryer (4kw)

Electric Oven (2 to 3 kW)

Hot Tub (2 to 5kW)

(Long term high loads)

We accept no liability for the information contained herein, for informational purposes only, local electrical codes may dictate further safety features

Step 2 of 2: Solar Inverter/ Generator to intercept these two breaker panels​

Split Phase Inverter Install Method Options:

1)Power directly from Main Panel

2)Power through Gen Xfer Switch

3)Generator direct to Inverter (240V)

4) No AC Supply to Inverter – solar only