Generator/Utility Charging Tips​

Utility/Generator Charger tips:

*** = Hybrid LV2424

  • The generator charger is a different beast to the solar charger. (Does not utilize the Bulk and Float Charge settings)
  • It works on a float valve type principle. (triggers when battery voltage drops below that on setting 12 (20 ***) – set the voltage higher than current battery voltage to start charging right away)
  • Stops charging from Generator when setting 13′ s voltage is reached (21***)
  • Will not start charging the battery again until it drops below battery voltage – in setting 12. (22***)
  • Setting 01 set to SBU to activate setting 12 and 13. (20 & 21 ***)
  • Setting 02, is the Max charging current from Solar + Utility/Generator (11***)
  • Setting 11, is the Maximum Generator/Utility charging current @ your battery voltage (not at 120V) (13***)
  • Setting (Growatt – 14) (MPP Solar – 16) (10 ***), make sure this setting includes the option to charge from utility/generator (see manual)
  • Note, configuring Setting 11 (13***) too high for your generator may cause your generator to falter at startup, and cause the Inverter Charger to lose synchronization with the Generator (58 to 63Hz), if in doubt start small, and work your way up.
  • Auto Start Function for the Generator  (optional)
  • Inverter Dry Contact relay output triggers according to the above settings, when battery charge is requested  (Normally Open/Normally Closed  Contacts)  ,  it is a simple 2 wire system, your generator will need to be a 2 wire start system  (the generator needs to start itself when circuit is closed, and stop when circuit opens)  – this can be wired directly to the dry contact input on the inverter
  • Hint, use this dry contact relay output like a switch to turn on a light or a buzzer  (wire it in series with the battery , or inverter output to the light/buzzer ) to let you know the battery is low, and needs charging (manual notification)