Watts247 , will arrange freight shipping with recognized freight and parcel carriers throughout the USA. The shipped materials will be packed according to standards for freight shipping of solar panels and equipment.

Client agrees that Watts247 will NOT be held liable for any product damage, or for expenses on replacement material of items damaged during freight shipment found at the time of delivery or thereafter.

In the event of damage, Client agrees to file damage claim(s) for reimbursement directly with the shipping carrier. Watts247 will endeavor to assist with any claims by providing original shipping information to Client.

Watts247 will make best attempts to make new orders available for same or similar items to replace damaged items.

Watts247 offers the following guidelines to Client when accepting freight delivery.

Fully inspect your order immediately upon arrival.
First, look for visible signs of rough-handling, crushed boxes or open packaging.
Write DAMAGE with your initials and note specific damage on the bill of lading or delivery receipt if you discover any damaged items – big or small.
Notify the driver and take photos of any damage.
If you are unable to fully inspect the items at the time of delivery, write “Subject to Inspection” near your signature.

Note the # of pallets, boxes or bundles match the Bill-of-Lading.
If an item is missing, alert the driver and note it on the paperwork before signing.

If the BOL or receipt are not properly noted at the time of delivery, Watts247 will NOT be held liable for additional expenses on replacement material.
There is limited recourse to file a claim for reimbursement with the carrier once the carrier has left.
Once you sign the delivery receipt, you are accepting responsibility for the items.

DO NOT sign the delivery receipt without noting any damage or “Subject to Inspection.”
Take clear pictures of the delivery receipt and damaged items.

Contact the carrier and Watts247 within 72 hours. Send description of damage, quantity, and photos to lynne@watts247.com Please include your order # in the email subject.