EG4 Indoor WallMount 48v 280Ah 14.3kWh LiFePO4 – BMS Communicates with NHX Series


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  • Voltage: 48V (Nominal: 51.2V, Float: 54V)
  • Continuous Charge/Discharge Current: 200A (Max)
  • Capacity: 14.3kWh
  • BMS: 200A
  • Weight: 282 lbs. / 128 kg
  • Battery Type: LiFePO4 (Lithium Iron Phosphate, Grade A)
  • UL Listed: UL9540, UL9540A, UL1973
  • CEC Listed
Question:  36.4″ is the height of the battery including the adjustable feet?
Answer: Yes, this is including the feet in the default position.
Question: Do these batteries come with cables?
Answer: Yes, it comes with red and black cables to connect to an inverter or external bus bar.
Question: Am I able to lay this battery flat on back in a rack for ventilation? My intension is to have 2 of these laying flat suspended about 2 inches apart
Answer: No, as per the manual, this battery must be mounted upright in an installation.
Question/ Answer: Is there a limit to how many of these can be put in parallel?


Answer:  There is not a limit to how many can be paralleled, but after 5 you would need to use an external bus bar for connections.

Additional information

Weight 300 lbs
Dimensions 37 × 20 × 12 in