NHX-20kW – Split Phase 120V / 240V , Outdoor rated, grid Interactive, UL Listed, 8 PV Inputs to 500V (30 kwPV), and much more!


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less than 75W Idle consumption per unit

2 x 10Kw units

5 yr warranty from manufacturer

user Manual LinkĀ  https://watts247.com/manuals/NHX-%20Series/NHX%20Series%2048V%20INVERTER%20USER%20MANUAL-NFI.pdf

UL Certificate: Link :https://watts247.com/manuals/NHX-%20Series/AMENSOLAR%20UL1741%20certification.pdf

California Listing:


Featuring, paralleling up to 8 units (80 KW for the 8 x 10kw units)

We have been testing these units in almost all conditions and configurations for many many months, and have made many firmware updates in this time

Extra Load 2 Outputs and Dedicated Generator Inputs – The generator Input DOES not have to be sacrificed when using thr LOAD 2 outputs such as the case in SOL-Ark and Luxpower units

A multitude of features, can run batteryless, and be just used to offset grid usage / grid feedback

Can also Run with only battery in Off-Grid mode

Supports Generator battery Charging

See all operation modes below, videos to follow.

We have been testing these products in our own home / business for over 7 months!


same model that can be paralleled to 8 units, we have made extensive firmware updates and features to the vanilla model you see online.

We have been running these Indoors, outdoors, as EV chargers, Welding and Plasma Cutting Operations, Compressors, Motors, Heat Guns, Forklift Charging stations etc etc. more videos to come soon.

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Weight 200 lbs
Dimensions 35 × 24 × 36 in