PIP 5048MGX European Model Voltage Only 230V NO 120V!


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Read Carefully!  This is a European model.
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450V 4500W Solar Input, 48V Battery, 230V Output ONLY! This Model can accept up to 450V DC Solar input, Only 230V Output and Input, European Model In the USA, L1 will need to be connected to the N (Neutral) Input, and L2 will need to be connected to L (Live) input, in order to input 240V into the inverter. The output Terminals (N  & L) will essentially output 230VAC

I personally use these to charge my 48V battery, from a super long run PV array > 300 ft – to keep volt drop losses low, this inverter runs my well pump, and it charges my 48V battery which has 2 x LV5048s (10kW output split phase 120/240V) which runs my household  loads beautifully.
I have a 96kWh 48V Nissan Leaf Battery.
Or you can use this inverter running a split phase transformer, or simply a 230V / 120V Transformer, 6000VA
Ideal for Pool pumps, Well Pumps, Mini Split 230V Air conditioning systems etc 230V only!
PIP5048MG 5000W 48V 230VAC 450VDC
Solar Inverter MPPT 450V Solar Capability
Battery is OPTIONAL,
Wifi Module is available locally from us
Paralelable up to 9 units (5kW x 9 = 45kW) (requires parallel kit per inverter- which we have in stock)
5KW Pure sine wave
450V PV Input – allows more panels in series for longer cabling and less losses
80A/4.5kW PV Max,
Equalization Charging up to 66V
Suitable for Off-Grid or with Grid Backup,
Solar power can supplement utility power (example, Solar input = 2 kW, load = 3kW, Utility input will be 3kW – 2kW = 1kW)
Generator Starter dry contact
60A Utility Charging
80 A Solar Charging (4500 W)


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Dimensions 23 × 16 × 9 in


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