PV Combiner Boxes Select 4-1 to 8-4

From $239 to $369

Recommendations: a) 4-1 or 6-1 for a Single PV input charge controller - usually selected for 150V max PV input Up to 4000W per input per charge controller where more parallel strings are required (lower voltage input means more parallel strings of panels) b) 4-2 / 6-2 for a Single or Dual PV input charge controller higher than 150 V to 500V - Up to 6000W per input c) 6-3 for Charge controllers with 3 inputs, E.g Sol-Ark (watts247.com), Luxpower 12kw 18kPV d) 8-4 for Charge Controllers with 4 inputs, E.g. NHX 10k (as found on watts247.com)
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Some examples:

A Sol-Ark 15K, and the Luxpower 18K  has 3 PV Inputs, therefore we recommend the 6-3  (6 Series Circuits into 3 outputs) allowing up to 6 series strings to be combined (2 into 1) 3 times

The NHX 10K has 4 PV inputs,  we therefore suggest a 8-4 combiner box  ( up to 8 Series Circuits into 4 outputs)

The LV6548, or 6500EX has 2 Inputs, therefore we recommend a 4-2 or 6-2 ( up to 4 or 6 Series Circuits into 2 outputs )  (2 or 3 parallel strings into 1 –   twice )

The LVX6048 or 3000TL or any other single PV input inverter, we recommend either the 4-1 or the 4-2  (the 4-2 in case you add a second matching inverter in the future the second output can be used for this addition)  4 into 1  (4-1) or 2 into 1 twice (4-2)

For diagrams, see here https://watts247.com/frequent-topics/wiring-diagrams/