PYTES PREMIUM 48V 5.1kwh Rack Battery E-BOX-48100R- UL Listed -LiFePO4 48V -10yr Warranty -Protocols- Growatt / MPP Solar / Solark / SMA -Free Shipping see conditions* CA Approved !


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One of the most APPROVED on the planet – for use Everywhere especially CALIFORNIA  ( other popular brands are  NOT approved for California !)

The battery with the most protocols for direct inverter communications,  no firmware updates or PC required, all dip switch settable!

Find it on page 2, at the bottom.

Shanghai PYTES Energy Co., Ltd. E-BOX 48100R 2.56 kW, 5.12 kWh lithium ion battery system 5.12 2.56 N


American Certification Standard: UL2271 UL2054 UL1642, UL9540A

CE Verification

CEC Battery List


IEC 62619

MSDS 2022 – Ebox

UL1973 Test Report




This is a premium product!


* Free Shipping Conditions.  (While stocks last)

Order 4 or More PYTES along with ANY other products,  we will palatalize shipment and send to the closest Lower 48 FedEx freight terminal  (for pickup) , if you have a business address with forklift / loading dock, we may be persuaded to send it there too.

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Finally, a battery that stands up to the task.

UL1973-2018, CEC, UN38.3, UL1642 Certified

Double Redundancy Texas Instruments chips used on BMS main-board

Expandable to 72kWh in a single system. (12 pcs)

10 Year Warranty 6000 Cycles 90% DOD , the most flexible battery protocol
Residential Energy Storage System

Battery 4 AWG Interconnect & CAT5 Cables included

Click Link  Here for PDF Resources Manuals, Specs ,Warranty

Quick GroWatt Inverter Configuration instructions.

On Battery set dip switch #3 UP, all others DOWN

Communication Cable:  available here    (One cable required per Inverter)

  • Plug in PYTES / Growatt Communication cable marked “Battery” into Battery Can Bus Port
  • Plug in end marked “HUB” into Growatt CANBUS port,
  • Do the above for each inverter connected in parallel to the same battery cluster

On Inverter:

Set battery type (setting 05) to LI

and Protocol to be L51 (Setting 34 , immediately follows from above)

If the Inverter does not supply AC power after the above, set setting 05 to AGM , and retry settings above.

Troubleshooting: Fault 20 indicates communication failure, Fault 04 = low battery

NOTE: Inverter will not output 120V if BMS communication is lost (and battery type is set to LI)


Quick MPP Solar Inverter Configuration


On Battery, set dip switches on each battery according to the address ,E.g.  First battery, all down, 2nd – 1 up, 3rd – 2 up, 4th – 1 & 2 up, 5th – 3 up, 6th – 3 & 1 up, 7th 3 & 2 up, 8th 3 & 2 & 1 up

Communication Cable:  available here    (One cable required for one inverter communicating with the battery)

On ONE Inverter with cable connected  (connect end marked “Battery” into Battery “Serial” [= RS485 Port- –NOT the CAN Port],  End Marked “Voltronic” into Inverter Battery port)

On inverter with battery communications cable connected Set battery type (setting 05 on LV6548) (setting 14 on LVX6048) etc  to “PYL”

On all other inverters connected in Parallel, set battery type to “USE”



Link to Appendix A:

Fault 61 on the LV6548 indicates battery communication failure

On the LVX6048, a warning beep sound along with the fault LED

NOTE: If all is working, the battery ICON on the LV6548 will flash, on the LVX6048 a flashing battery outline indicates BMS communication

Comparison sheet PYTES – to SOK / EG4 See Product Images


Additional information

Weight 155 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 24 × 11 in


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