SPI 2200 TL2-HV 2.2kW Single Phase or Solar Input , only 3 Phase Output Well /Pool / Irrigation controller – batteryless


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The SPi series solar pump inverter is a battery-less inverter designed for running pumps, such as deep well, pool pumps, sanitation, where the solar panel output can directly drive the 240V AC Single or 3 Phase 380/400/415 V motors / pumps.


Perfect for unattended pump motors , unlike standard inverters, this unit automatically restarts and slows pump according to solar power input


Typical Solar array sizing 8 x 345W panels in seriesĀ  (MPPT Range 100V DC to 400V ), Max DC current 12A

Has soft start and stop function,

Dry run protection

Tank High & Low, Well Low inputs.

Converts Solar DC energy directly to Single or 3 Phase

Super low maintenance.

Ideal for farm or remote locations

Low cost

Solar Panels should be sized at least 150% more than actual load, to reduce overload conditions.

This model can be operated by either a 240V 60Hz input, or Solar (not both – results in damage), and will output single or 3 phase depending on LCD panel setting

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Weight 30 lbs
Dimensions 21 × 17 × 10 in