TRINA Black Frame on White back 280W MS Mono Solar Panel -Minium Qty 10 Pcs per order


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We cannot sell these less than pallet load because they break too easily when transported and repackaged horizontally
Still in the original packaging, but the box/cartonĀ  has seen some weather.
These panels have never seen the light of day (never been unpacked or used) , but have been stored outside for more than 3 yrs,


Front Power Range : 280W

CSI Model Number
STC Rating 280.0 Watts
PTC Rating 275.6
Efficiency 18.33%
Open Circuit Voltage (Voc) 39.7 V
Short Circuit Current (Isc) 9.83 A
Frame Color Black
Origin China
Power Tolerance 0 / +5 Watts
Weight (lbs) 40.1
Length (in) 65.0
Width (in) 39.1
Height (in) 1.57


Additional information

Weight 60 lbs
Dimensions 82 × 43 × 3 in