LVX6048WP -WaterProof UL Grid Feedback 6kw Split Phase – In Stock now


It is the waterproof version of the upgraded LVX6048  (more solar input capacity too!), Grid feedback, battery optional, dual mppts, split phase ……. stackable you name it,  wifi..

component shortages and microchips are adding to delays,  don’t bank on anything that isn’t here, the world is very unstable (in case you haven’t noticed)

Take every day as a gift, and buy it (food and other necessities while you can incl batteries and solar panels)


The firmware on this item has been updated to version 1.23 and is current, for future firmware updates please follow this link.

A link to the Manual  (updated 2 Feb 22)

Link to the Specs:

LVX6048 WP Firmware


Arguably the most comprehensive inverter in the MPP Solar Split Phase inverter family, LVX6048WP is only the only model in the entire MPP Solar solar inverter to date that offers these 12 important features:

  1. IP65 weatherproof enclosure (with IP65 design fans)
  2. 120/240V split phase output ready
  3. Grid interactive (grid injection) capable
  4. High PV input design (600V) with dual (2X) PV input
  5. Dual AC input ports — utility + generator
  6. AC coupling — converts existing on-grid systems to hybrid
  7. Built-in WIFI transmitter to support monitoring on smartphones
  8. BMS communication for Pylontech, Soltaro and Weco battery systems
  9. Battery optional – use PV panels straight to load
  10. Parallel capable up to 6 units (36KW) with built-in parallel kits
  11. Timer feature for AC output and charging
  12. UL1741 compliant



Additional information

Weight 100 lbs
Dimensions 28 × 22 × 15 in


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