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Ideal of small Off Grid Applications, Camping, Sheds, RVs
USA Stock and Shipping & Pro Tech Support!
Manuals & Software  (+ more ) can be found at
Buyer beware:
            – there are currently Chinese copies of this product using inferior electronics and software

            – If you buy from outside the US, there may be a new 25% import duty slapped onto your “bargain” buy, if you need support, don’t get your hopes up

An extremely popular unit! ·  
Here is a UNSPONSORED Youtube review by William Prowse :
An extremely popular unit! ·     
Compatible with many Battery Technologies (Lead Acid, Flooded, AGM, Lithium, LiFePO4,  can all be configured by using the “manual” battery setting)
93% Efficient
Dual Battery Charge mode, (Solar and Utility/ Generator)  
1000 VA / 1000W Inverter ·       
12V DC to 120V AC ·       
40A MPPT (maximum power point tracking) ·  – can be overpaneled up to 800W      (Charging watts is controlled by the battery current setting)
120V Genset /Generator or Utility input to charge the 12 V battery at 20A 
Ideal for RV’s , Cabins and homes with 12V battery power, can start your generator automatically / or j just switch over to utility power if battery runs low during poor daylight / night time. (and recharge the battery at the same time)
Perfect for keeping your furnace/ electrical refrigerator running through the night without having to run the generator to keep the battery charged.

Additional information

Weight 18 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 16 × 9 in

2 reviews for PIP – 1012LV-MS – Ships Now

  1. Crazy Wayne (verified owner)

    After having food spoilage for the fifth time due my New Renogy DCC50S unit giving the light of death.
    And wanting a little more inverter than the 200 w that I had to run my laptop, I did some research.
    So I bought one of these little thousand watt All in One units.
    The unit appears to be working flawlessly for 2 months now.
    Powering it with three Rich 12volt 200 watt solar panels.
    Feeding two 12 volt 206AH SOK batteries.
    I have a small gold star 5000 BTU air conditioner on the back of my camper.
    The AC is rated at 800 watts and to my subtle total surprise this unit was able to start the air conditioner and run it no issues other than a one second beep flashing a code 7.
    So I plugged in my big clunky laptop that pulls about 170 Watts.
    And the AC was still able to start and run with no issue.
    NOTE, make sure that you use number four real copper battery cables to this unit so it can pull the surge without voltage drop to the unit.
    After I installed the 4 gauge leads and only started the air conditioner sometimes it doesn’t even beep now when the AC kicks on.
    I can run the air conditioner for 10 hours just off the batteries.
    I can usually just run the AC for about 3 or 4 hours a day and still be at full charge by about 10:00 a.m. every morning.
    And under most cloudy skies I’m still pulling close to 20% of the rated max power off my panels.
    And the peak wattage it shows coming in has hit as high as 512 Watts off the panels.
    My AC when running depending on ambient temperature consumes between 480 and 700 Watts.
    My only regret is I didn’t discover this MPP 1012LV unit before I purchased that Renogy DC505 nightmare….
    Dealing with Ian and his fast shipping and response to emails and text messaging.
    I was so pleased with the service and shipping speed.
    That I just this morning ordered a MPP PIP-LV2424 24 volt 2400 w unit.

  2. Chris Joplin (verified owner)

    Product and service are excellent. The manual was very challenging for me to use.

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