PIP LV2424 MSD 24V 2.4kW, 120V Output, 2kW Solar Input 80A Mppt




  • If you buy from overseas, expect up to 25% import duties, and warranty return costs which will be hundreds of dollars! Buyer beware, there are currently Chinese copies of this product using inferior electronics and software
    An extremely popular unit! ·  
    Here is a UNSPONSORED Youtube review by William Prowse  (This unit is displayed towards the end of the video):
  • Note the Growatt 24V and MPP Solar Hybrid LV2424 is a quieter unit., and can be used a a direct replacement)

    This listing contains 1 unit of PIP-LV 2424-MSD inverter( or using 2 units = 4.8kW, 6 units = 14.4kW  ). 110-120V output. Use 3 or more individual units for 3 Phase output!!!
    Maximum parallel operation supported by this unit is up to 6 units, and possible configurations also include single phase and 3-phase applications.

user manual:


Additional information

Weight 28 lbs
Dimensions 23 × 16 × 9 in


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