Pytes Ebox-100 48V 100Ah 5.1kWh Batteries & Accessories Builder

From $1399 MSRP, see vol discount!

Step 1, Choose how many EBOX100R batteries needs

Step 2, Choose if you need a stand/ bracket ,  The Forest RB houses 6 batteries, and is waterproof etc or  the Universal 5 Rack , or if you wish to stack them vertically use the Floor Standing Rack, one per battery – to stack one on top of the other

Step 3, If you didnt choose the Forest RB, order as many 4AWG cables as you have batteries, add one Busbar

Step 4, Choose either the 4/0 or the 1/0 cable to go from busbar to inverter

Step 5, BMS cables are optional depending on the brand inverter, if not specified, a standard CAT5 cable included with your inverter will work.

Step 6, a Battery Hub is not required at all, only if you wish to communicate with more than 6 batteries at a time (even then its an option)

The Forest RB Rack includes all internal cables and busbars, the Universal 5 battery requires 4AWG 6ft cables and busbar. Both cabinets/racks require 1/0 AWG or 4/0 AWG to inverter
BMS cables only required for MPP and Growatt, other Inverter models use standard CAT5


Build your entire EBOX100 battery Cabinet Right Here