REFURBISHED & DAMAGED BOX – LVX6048 Hybrid Solar Inverter split phase 120V/240V (Grid Feedback & Battery Optional) – Ships Now


  • Split Phase output possible (120V/240V), suitable for North America
  • High PV input up to 450V (Voc)  (Max 27A PV Input current)
  • BMS support for Pylontech, Soltaro and Weco battery systems
  • Built-in WIFI transmitter for monitoring on iPhones and Androids
  • Battery optional
  • Grid Injection may be enabled to feed excess PV power to grid  (note: be sure to check with local authority for approval before application)
  • Stackable — parallel up to 9 units (54KW)
  • Pure sine wave output
  • 50Hz & 60Hz support
  • Programmable parameters
  • Built-in MPPT solar charger 100A
  • Max combined system charging (solar+utility) up to 100A
  • Adjustable bulk & float charging voltage
  • Support either grid or generator input
  • Genset starter dry contact
  • Overload and short circuit protection
  • FREE monitoring software
  • LCD Display + LED indicators
  • RS232/USB communication interface

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This item has  REFURBISHED & DAMAGED BOX (No Warranty!!)




This unit REQUIRES 240V Split phase to charge from AC power  (will not wake up with 120V only)

This LVX6048 is the latest member to MPP Solar’s 120V/240V Split Phase inverter family.  Adding several important features from our 220-240V European line, this inverter becomes the only low voltage model that offer these 7 valuable features

  1. High PV input up to 450V, allowing more serial PV connection
  2. Built-in WIFI transmitter to support monitoring on smartphones
  3. BMS communication for Pylontech, Soltaro and Weco battery systems
  4. Grid interactive (grid injection) may be enabled wherever it is allowed
  5. Battery optional – use PV panels straight to load
  6. 120V/240V split phase output without needing to parallel
  7. Parallel capable up to 9 units (54KW max)  ******
  8. Parallel kits required to connect more than one unit in parallel  (sold separately)
  9. This unit is not UL listed  (there will be a LVX6548WP waterproof model in summer 2022 that will be UL)

Note, max PV input amps = 27A. (If you panels put out 10 to 20% more than this, it will just pull a max of 27A,  a little bit of clipping at mid day, thats all)


Note this is a low frequency product, high surge capacity,  with a built in auto transformer, offering 3kw per phase


Additional information

Weight 86 lbs
Dimensions 28 × 22 × 10 in


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