Inverter Fault Codes …Troubleshooting

ProblemLCD/LED/BuzzerExplanationWhat to do
Unit shuts down
Automatically during
startup process.
LCD/LEDs and buzzer will
be active for 3 seconds
and then complete off.
The battery voltage is too low .
1.Re-charge battery.
2.Replace battery
No response after
power on
No indication.1.The battery voltage is far too low. (<1.4V/Cell)
2.Battery polarity is reversed
1. Check if batteries and the wiring are connected well.
2.Re-charge battery.
3. Replace Video
Mains / Utility applied but
unit is running off battery power
Input voltage is 0 on the
LCD and green LED is
Input protector is tripped. Check if AC breaker is tripped and AC wiring is
sameGreen LED is flashing. Insufficient quality of AC power.
(Shore or Generator)
(Shore or Generator)
Check if AC wires are too thin and/or too long.
Check if generator (if applied) is working well or if
input voltage range setting is correct.
sameGreen LED is flashing.Set “Battery First” or “Solar First”
as the priority of output source.
Change output source priority to Utility
When unit is turned on, Strange noise or immediate shutdown
LCD display and LEDs are
Battery is improperly connected or BMS issuesCheck if battery wires are properly connected, BMS is Reset, Charge Battery
Buzzer beeps
continuously and red
LED is on.
Fault code 01Fan faultReplace the fan.
sameFault code 02

Internal temperature of component
is over 100°C.
Check whether the air flow of the unit is blocked or
whether the ambient temperature is too high
Check whether the air flow of the unit is blocked or
whether the ambient temperature is too hi
sameFault code 03
Battery is over-charged.The battery voltage is too high. Mainly caused by BMS not able to charge battery at current rate/ amps or Temperature too low, reduce battery charging amps, and retry
sameFault code 05 Output short circuitedCheck if AC output wiring is correct, and remove all loads (remove abnormal load)
sameFault code 06/58Output abnormal (Inverter voltage
below than 85Vac or is higher
than 130Vac)
1.Reduce the connected load. (the load may be interact acting with inverter adversely – Motor Load etc)
2. Remove load to see if problem persists
3. Return to repair center
sameFault code 07The inverter is overload 110% and
time is up.
Reduce the connected load by switching off some equipment
sameFault Code 08Battery Voltage rises abnormally fast1. Usually caused by BMS disconnect when battery over full while charging
2. Battery Charging Amps/Volts too high for battery/BMS
3. These condition may cause mainboard damage, return for repair
sameFault Code 09/53/57Internal Components on Mainboard failureChange Mainboard (return for repair)
sameFault code 51Over current or surgeUnit cannot handle the load being applied.
If load is removed and error persists after restart, change mainboard.
sameFault code 52Bus Voltage is too LowRestart Unit, if it occurs immediately , return for repair / Mainboard.
Can be caused by a rare set of events such as extreme load while solar/AC power is insufficient
sameFault code 55Output voltage is unbalancedUsually caused by a Diode in the load, e.g. a heatgun on low setting. Load is not equal on both positive and negative cycles on AC power
sameFault code 56Battery Connection is bad or BMS has trippedInsufficient battery power (voltage is dropping too quickly ) under load,or bad battery connection
sameFault code 60Power is feeding back into AC OutputCheck that you don’t have AC Inputs / Outputs switched with Inputs.
Check whether the AC output connected to the
grid input.
Check whether Program 8 settings are the same for
all parallel inverters
Check whether the current sharing cables are
connected well in the same parallel phases.
Check whether all neutral wires of all parallel units
are connected together.
If problem still exists, contact repair center
sameFault 61 (MPP Solar)Battery / Inverter BMS comms failureBattery will not communicate with Inverter , set battery type setting 05 to USE if BMS is incompatible with UNIT.
sameFault 62..69Messages from batteryExample, battery is too cold, too full, etc etc, battery qty has changed unexpectedly
sameFault code 80/20CAN fault/ BMS comms fault1. Check whether the parallel communication cables
are connected well.
2. Check whether Program 23 settings are right for the
parallel system
sameFault code 81Parallel / Split phase Host Loss1. Check whether the parallel communication cables
are connected well.
2. Check whether Program 23 settings are correct for the
parallel system, example a unit is expecting a parallel companion
If running as single unit, set 23/28 to SIG (depending on mode)
Parallel board failure

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