Questions & Answers


Tools Required

Basic Knowledge required / Ohms Law etc

Basic Multi meter Voltmeter Usage

Understanding AC and DC power

Dangers of DC Battery Power

Dangers of Solar DC Power

When to hire a professional.

Full Install Checklist

Battery or Non Battery backed up systems

Grid Feedback vs Grid Assist

Decimal System, Kwh vs Wh (Kilo Watt Hours vs Watt Hours)

Understanding Battery Capacity

Understanding Solar Sizing

Common Questions –

  • Temperature and Batteries / Inverter
  • Inverter Fault Codes
  • Batteries / Communication / Equalizing
  • Inverter Settings
  • Wire Sizing / MAX wire lengths
  • Panel Wiring
  • Inverter Wiring
  • Battery Wiring
  • Wiring Diagrams
  • Solar Panel Configurations
  • Solar Panel Location
  • Combiner Box Selection
  • Inverter Mounting
  • Grid Feedback / Off Grid.
  • Can I parallel different model inverter
  • 12V / 24V or 48V battery choice
  • Choosing a Generator (KVA)
  • Lithium Battery issues
  • Lead Acid Battery Issues
  • Maximum wire lengths
  • Maximum Battery Charging Amps, Why? / Battery Life
  • Not pulling Max Solar Watts ?
  • Battery longevity / vs Sizing
  • Battery vs a Sponge the 80/.20 rule
  • Overpaneling and battery precautions / MPPT
  • Watt Hours WH and KWH ? what can it do ?
  • Battery Over charging / amps vs AMP / battery life
  • Inverter settings flowchart
  • AC charging vs DC Solar settings charging
  • generator sizing

Sizing your Off Grid system (The Capacity triangle)

  • Max Load Capacity (Inverter choice)
  • Battery Capacity
  • your Solar Panels

Fault Finding Techniques/ Troubleshooting your System

  • Lights Flickering
  • Inverter Wont start up
  • Inverter Wont power up with AC power
  • Inverter wont power up with battery power
  • Inverter wont power up with Solar Power
  • Temperature and Batteries
  • Battery issues
  • Lithium vs Lead Acid
  • Inverter wont stay on
  • BMS communications issues

Commonly used ACRONYMS / BMS/ Voc / Amps / Volts / Watts / KW etc

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