Inverter won’t turn on this morning, but has been working fine before

This happens a LOT, and its 100% battery and Inverter Caused ( bad settings)

Almost all models require a battery to turn ON

For a 48V system, this will be 44V minimum (called the Cold Start Voltage)

A 24V system – 22V, 12V system – 11V

The Only Models that will turn on WITH SOLAR OR AC Power ( without battery are:)

Sol-Ark, MPP Solar LV6548, LVX6048xx, Growatt 3000TL-LVM-ES

Connecting AC Power or Solar to ANY other model (with a battery less than the above voltages) will result in ZERO RESPONSE (You may get some funky flashing and beeping, but that’s it)

REVIVING YOUR SYSTEM: ( A voltmeter is required in order to understand electricity, as non of us can SEE it)

Lithium batteries are the most prone to this behavior, their BMS will shut off current flow to the Inverter, not enough for it to turn on. So you may measure voltages above the minimum (see above) when the battery has no load, but if the battery is still connected, and the inverter is turned ON, this voltage may drop to 7V or so.


a) Put a battery (with matching voltage)charger directly on to the battery to charge it. Example, if a battery bank is made up of 12V batteries, a standard 12v car charger can be used for a few minutes to wake up each battery in turn. This is why I recommend a 3A Variable Bench Power supply 0 to 60V off amazon/ebay for less than $100.

b) Use a single or bank of solar panels roughly more than the battery voltage, apply solar panel directly to battery bank. Example: a 200W 27Voc will be fine for a 12V or 24V battery, A 400W 49Voc solar panel may just be enough to kick a 48V battery on, but 2 panels in series making 100V may do it quicker. Do not connect a 150V to 600V array or more to any battery pack. This may damage the batteries, and you may shock yourself to death. (Danger, leaving the solar panel connected too long without a voltmeter attached can cause your battery to overcharge and possibly destruct, based on the over voltage of the solar panels relative to the battery upper voltage range)

c) To prevent this from happening again, each inverter has a LOW DC Cutoff Setting., On Growatt this is usually setting 21, MPP Solar can be settings range from 19 to 28 but if you check the manual you will find this setting under the name LOW DC CUTOFF, A Lithium battery will shut down near to its rated voltage (so anything less than 12V, 24V, 48V is hitting danger territory, so set the LOW DC cutoff as high as it will go – NOTE, the battery type must be changed to USE before this setting can be modified. Note 2: LOW DC Cutoff setting cannot be higher than setting 12, so adjust 12 to be higher first.

d) Furthermore to C above, if your Inverter and BMS support communications, spend time figuring this out first, as the BMS will tell the Inverter to shut down before battery depletion occurs. There is a another article on this. Buying an inverter here, and a battery from another vendor will complicate your life and make inter communications impossible. Example EQ4 batteries are designed to ONLY talk to EG4 products, Trophy and others cannot communicate to any known inverter as at the time of writing this.

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